Sophie the German Shepherd: Healing through Stem Cell Therapy

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March 21, 2015
Sophie, the German Shepherd, arrived at the clinic today for annual vaccines. I was delighted to see her and her owner since they are both very pleasant and Sophie is quickly becoming one of my “poster children” for stem cell therapy. Sophie is a highly trained working dog. Her specialty is cadaver recovery which seems a bit morbid, but in reality is a very useful job. She is trained vigorously and as one would expect she is also high energy. Somewhere in her training, whether it was climbing rubble piles or jumping in and out of the truck she injured her shoulder. She was unresponsive to routine NSAIDs(non-steroidal,anti-inflammatory drugs), carprofen in this case, and like most shoulder injuries we were looking at a long and difficult recovery. After a full exam including radiographs and an ultrasound, I was convinced that she had a supraspinatus tendon injury and probably some bicipal tendon involvement as well.
The owners were amenable to stem cell therapy and we injected the lesions just about a month ago. It was only my third shoulder injection and it can be a bit tricky injecting into the exact spot. So I was on pins and needles to see what the response would be. Like so many stem cell cases, I was amazed. On the first recheck exam Sophie was grade I out of V in lameness on the shoulder and interestingly she sat perfectly symmetrical whereas before she would tend to lean away from the affected shoulder. The second recheck exam at 30 days was even more impressive; she was completely sound. We are now about sixty days out and Sophie continues to do well. In fact, the owners are having trouble keeping her on schedule with the rehab program.
I’m pleased with the results so far and more importantly the owners are also.

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