“True” Story: Stem Cell Therapy Helps an Old Friend Stay Young.

By May 5, 2015 March 13th, 2017 Green Tree Blog, Uncategorized

One of the best things about being a veterinarian is being able to meet some very interesting animals. Much like people, animals have their own individual personalities: some are gregarious, some are more reserved, some are friendly and some not so much. My favorite dogs are those with a certain nobility in their demeanor, a savoir faire if you will; they are confident, friendly, and trusting.

“True” is a dog with such a personality and in addition is a renown hunter on the farm. He keeps the farm clear of unsavory characters such as raccoons, groundhogs, and other undesirables. Unfortunately, his long and active life has left him with chronic arthritis and he was slowing down visibly when I first examined him. He had the typical radiographic changes that we see in older dogs and I knew he was suffering from chronic pain in spite of his stoic personality.
Fortunately for True, he has a loving and observant owner. She was also aware of his problems and agreed to give stem cell therapy a chance. That was three years ago and I am delighted to report that True is still going strong. Even at age 13 he is a relentless hunter and still goes on long walks with his owner. There is no question that the treatments have vastly improved his quality of life.

I get a great deal out of my visits with True and a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that we are helping this noble animal in his older years.

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