Stem Cell Therapy helps with Hip Dysplasia

By June 19, 2015 March 13th, 2017 Green Tree Blog, Uncategorized

Recently, we were presented with a 2 year old Alaskan Malamute named Argus who had been suffering from severe hip dysplasia. These cases are heartbreaking because of the few effective treatment options available. In many cases the owner must face difficult decisions after several methods of treatments are attempted with little success.

Thankfully for Argus there is now an effective new treatment option: stem cell therapy. After a thorough discussion of stem cell therapy his owners enthusiastically agreed to give it a try and we scheduled Argus for treatment the next day.

The procedure of stem cell therapy is relatively simple and we were able to harvest a large sample of stem cells for processing. We injected both hips and asked them to come back in six weeks for a follow up exam.

At the appointed time I watched as the owners pulled into the parking lot. They opened the back and Argus bounded out of the SUV. I could tell from a distance that he was much better. The owners were smiling happily as I carefully examined Argus. He had greatly increased his range of motion in both hips and was now able to jump up onto the exam table without any hesitation. The improvement was truly amazing and it only reinforced the unbelievable healing power of stem cell therapy. I look forward to my next case.

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