Geriatric Wellness June 2017 Special

Good health is essential for a happy long life and appropriate veterinary care is important to maintain a healthy pet. Green Tree Animal hospital will be sending reminders that your pet is due a wellness visit to our hospital. At the time of your pets visit we will perform a complete physical exam and would like to perform a Senior Wellness Exam profile during that visit. The Wellness Profile includes complete lab work to help identify any underlying health problems. Thanks to a special agreement with Idexx Laboratories we are able to offer this lab work at a greatly discounted price.
You may be concerned about the stress of blood testing and radiographs, but with all the modern advances available today your pet’s procedure can be done safely and comfortably. One of our knowledgeable veterinary nurses would be happy to answer any questions your family may have about the procedure.
By sharing life and love with you, your pet has given you a precious gift. Now that your pet is considered a “senior citizen” you have the opportunity to give something in return-special care that makes the “golden years” happy and healthy.
Our pets are increasingly vulnerable to many illnesses as they age. Their health problems related to advancing years are similar to our own, including
-heart disease
-liver disease
-kidney disease
-dental problems
-digestive disorders

Early detection and treatment can enable us to extend your pets life and improve the quality of life as well.
The Senior Wellness Screening includes
-Complete Physical Exam
-Blood Pressure Measurement
-Senior Wellness Profile including complete blood work to evaluate major organ function
– Urinalysis
– Fecal examination
-Thyroid screening
-Radiographs of the chest and abdomen to be interpreted by a board certified radiologist

The normal cost of these services for a sick pet is over $600.00. We have partnered with our reference laboratory and veterinary consultants and can offer this package of services for only $445.00. If you choose to omit the radiographs the cost of your pets Senior Work-Up will be $329.00.
After the EKG, radiographs and laboratory testing we will report the results of the Senior Work-Up and make our recommendations to you.
Your pet’s health is our primary concern. Please call for more information.

Dr. Yocum and the staff at Green Tree Animal Hospital

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