Our goal at Green Tree Animal Hospital is to alleviate pain and suffering, to prevent the spread of disease, to minister to the needs of animal suffering from illness or injury, and to oversee the general health of animals placed in our care.  We must further insure the well-being of these animals by educating their owners in the management of their pets including the recognition and treatment of disease, proper nutrition, and appropriate routine care.

As a health care provider we must remember that our clients are entrusting us with care of their precious companions.  It is critically important that we never forget the importance of the human-animal bond, that we maintain the highest level of compassion, and that we treat each patient as if it were our own pet.  We must embrace a philosophy of respect for the animal, for the owner, and for each other.

To ensure that we can achieve these goals we must constantly and continually strive to improve and advance our knowledge, our clinical skills, and our professionalism.  We will always seek out deficiencies and work diligently to erase those deficiencies.  We must always strive for perfection.