Laparscopic Surgery

Green Tree Animal Hospital is delighted to now offer Laparoscopic Surgery to our list of services. Laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery, utilizes small “keyhole” incisions to visualize and operate on the abdominal organs. This technique has become the standard of care in human medicine and is sure to become the standard of care in veterinary medicine as well.
There are several advantages to laparoscopic surgery including:
-Decreased post-operative pain
-Decreased Trauma
-Shortened recovery time
-Decreased bleeding
-Better intra-abdominal tissue visualization
-Decrease rate of infection
-Less scarring
-Fewer post-operative complications
Typical laparoscopic surgeries include:
-Spay (ovariectomy)
-Gastropexy (to prevent gastric rotation)
-Intraabdominal Biopsies

Our clients have been impressed with the rapid recovery after minimally invasive surgery and our patients appreciate it as well