Stem Cell Therapy Process

Stem Cell Therapy Process:IMG_0010

  • Fat tissue is collected by “cell friendly” lipoaspiration
  • Whole blood is collected for PRP
  • Samples are processed at the laboratory
  • Extra cells can be frozen for later use at this time
  • Cells are then injected into the affected joints or injured soft tissue

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy:

  • A more potent anti-inflammatory effect
  • Improved healing of injured tissue
  • Provides a longer period of pain relief


Platelet Rich Plasma Process:

  • Whole blood is collected for the extraction of platelets
  • Platelet rich plasma is then injected into joint or soft tissue lesion

Advantages of Platelet Rich Plasma:

  • Easier to collect and process samples
  • Lower cost than Stem Cell Therapy
  • Can be repeated as needed